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The entries for the third Evernight contest were so amazing: You guys really know how to argue for your favorite vampire! There were very good arguments for Louis from Interview With a Vampire, for Edward, Jasper and Alice from the Twilight books, for characters from BTVS, ATS, "Blood Ties" and "Being Human," and even an honorable mention who declared herself a vampire. How was I supposed to choose?

Well, around about that time, I came into a second ARC. So I am naming TWO winners:

First, I chose Count Dracula, who was nominated by this week's first winner,hersheekiss358. She made a strong case that it's too easy to take the original Big Bad for granted, that he's still pretty terrifying today, that we owe almost all of our current yummy vamps to him, and that really, we should be a little scared not to name him the greatest ever.

Second, I chose Carlisle Cullen, who was nominated by our second winner, towerofwisdom. She pointed out that misguided moral righteousness can be scarier than bloodsucking, and that Carlisle's attempts to reconcile his vampirism with religious faith make for some very complex storytelling.

So, congrats to hersheekiss358 and towerofwisdom! As soon as I get their mailing addresses, their ARCs will be on the way.

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered. If you didn't win, there is still hope for an ARC -- read on.

Now, for Evernight Contest #4:

As readers of this LJ must know, I am a big fan of the work of Elizabeth Scott, who writes wonderful YA novels such as Bloom and Perfect You. Well, she has another book, Stealing Heaven coming out soon -- on May 27, the same day as Evernight So we decided to hold a cross-promotion; she's giving away one of my Evernight ARCs, and I'm giving away one of hers. As my rules are a little harder, I'm also sweetening the deal: Not only will you win Stealing Heaven, but you will also get an advance copy (not an ARC -- an actual hardcover) of Evernight and a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.

The rules:
Stealing Heaven is about a girl who's been raised by a career-thief mom, and her efforts to make her own choices in life. Pretty far cry from my vampire novel, right? Not if you look at it this way: Both novels are about romances that involve deep, dark secrets. So, I want you to Tell me your favorite "secret love" in fiction. Books, plays, movies, TV, you name it -- tell me those two people who loved each other despite all the obstacles in the way, far away from the world's prying eyes, and I'll pick one winner to get the whole prize package.

Ready, set, go!

By the way, I got to visit with a lot of great people at Floral Park Memorial last week -- I'll post more about it as soon as I have time to get the pics off my camera. What's kept me so busy? Finally finishing revisions to the third book in the series, Hourglass, which is with the publisher as of this morning. Whew!
I just read Chasing Windmills by Catherine Ryan Hyde, and the relationship between Sebastian (aka Tony) and Maria was so undeniably forbidden and sweet and dangerous. Sebastian is 17 and isn't allowed to leave his house except once a day to go running because his father is overprotective. Maria is 23, has two children, and an abusive boyfriend who happens to be the father of the two children and the only boyfreind Maria's ever had.

So when they meet on the subway during both of their secret nightly rides, they instantly get caught up in a romance that can either leave both of them with nothing--or possibly dead--or have them whisked away to the Mojave desert and the windmills where they both can be safe and happy.

Turns out, their romance turned out to the my favorite to read about ever. The Bell/Edward romance is sweet because it's dangerous and forbidden, but the Tony/Maria romance is even more dangerous and forbidden--not to mention ILLEGAL--because it's real. It's happening. I COULD happen.

This story has come to be known as another rendering of West Side Story, but I have to say, it was infinitely better than that, almost as classically told as the original, Romeo and Juliet.

And since their love is kept from Carl (the abusive boyfriend) and Sebastion/Tony's father, it really is a secret.

And my favorite.

I would choose Romeo and Juliet. They are the 2 famous teens who are in love despite that they're families hate each other. They want to be together and end their families feud with their marriage. They are the foundation of today's secret and seemingly impossible, forbidden love. If their story hadn't been written I doubt we would have love stories like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Wicked by Nancy Holder or other love stories that have captured our heart and refused to let go.
I forgot to add my name. It's Carolina and you can contact me at watts_gurl@sbcglobal.net :)
I think my favorite would have to be Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you are familiar with their story. At first, Elizabeth absolutely HATED Mr. Darcy, (especially since Mr. Darcy had the nerve to insult her) but as the book progressed they fell in love. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite novels. I love Jane Austen and her amazing writing skills.
(btw, Keira Knightley and Talulah Riley did an amazing job with that recent remake of the movie)

And! I absolutely love Elizabeth Scott! I entered into her contest for your novel as I was loading up this page.
SHOOT! I realized I forgot to put my name, also!

Megan (www.paperxxflowers.blogspot.com)

Jamie and Nina from the movie Truly, Madly, Deeply are my favorite 'secret love'. They're a little different from your average secret love because Jamie is dead. Nina grieves so much that Jamie returns to be with her again, which is where the secret part comes in. She can't exactly tell anyone that he's come back from the dead, without being thought crazy, and yet she's never been happier.

The thing I particularly like about the movie is that although he appears to have come back to be with her, you discover that he's actually there to help her realize that she's ready to move on with her life without him. It's a beautiful, touching movie with really the epitome of selfless secret love. If you haven't seen it I totally recommend it!

ooh, that's a good one. Plus, anything with Alan Rickman is worth watching (or just listening to -- I love his voice).
Secret Love = Calamity Jane and Wild Bill in Calamity Jane. I like the song, and I'm not much for lovey stuff. And Calamity was kick-arse, although too trigger-happy for my liking (I'm Australian - I don't like guns).

Have a lovely day! :-)
Up until recently, I would've probably had to say something along the lines of the Bella/Edward romance was my favorite, but I was introduced to 'Wake', by Lisa McMann, and that's completely changed - the two main characters, Janie and Cabel, are completely real and struggling through basic, everyday nightmares (sometimes more literally than not) - minus the dreaming problems and Cabel's 'second life'. They're both not perfect in the slightest, but the way they bonded together and saw the best in each other when everyone else thought they were losers and labeled them with degrading remarks makes it seem more romantic than so many kiss-and-hug romances I've read in the past. They have problems and they have stories. They fight and they assume and basically, they're the average couple with a few very dramatic and straining twists. It also helps that they have a sense of humor towards the entire thing.

And snickers bars! What kind of girl can't love a guy who slips her snickers bars?

As for the secret part, part of Cabel's entire lifestyle involves tricking a girl to believing he loves her - while he's dating Janie, and yet he can't exactly tell her.

Oh, man. This is making me want to read it again.

Wish you the best!

Congratulations to hersheekiss358 and towerofwisdom. Good choices ^^

Even though I did not win I'm kind of glad. Reading back the entries I think I was the only one who choose Anne Rice's Louis (if I'm wrong, please correct me). So that means I made a good argument, which is awesome itself given that, sometimes, I feel so insecure about my english ^^U

So thanks a lot for helping me gain confidence and for hosting this contest. Now, to the second one! (Yes, I'm not giving up, do you have any idea how hard is to get new english literature in Argentina? xD)

Umm, it's funny, but I'll have to go with Monica Geller and Chandler Bing from the TV series, Friends. Why? Ok, is hard to have a romance between different species, different social status, whatever. But between friends?

In such a small group they give it a shoot, against all odds! That's pretty brave. In the beginning there was this totally weird first night together. Talk about mind blowing! They knew that that was a crossroad. No way back, my friend.
But back to NY, the "thing" eventually got serious, REALLY SERIOUS. They couldn't fight against it. Period.
However, they knew this was not only about them, they were not that selfish, they knew that this would affect the whole group. So, they kept it a secret, as long as they could... well, if your best friend is name Joey, that's a little hard ;)
Happily for them, the group eventually accepted it ^^

Fact 1: Their love is real, you can relate with them completely. They work, they pay taxes, they have to struggle their way out through life and no... they don't now what awaits them, like you and me.

Fact 2: They are absolutely sweet and supportive with each other!! When they finally got their children must have been one of the most adorable moments of TV.

Fact 3: Ok, there's no action, no life and dead choices, no blood. But everybody wishes for a Chandler to their Monica (or vice versa), don't you?

Thanks again n_n
good contest, I love love stories sooo.... hmmm ok Airhead, SPOILER Emerson and Christopher. their love story is unique, I don't want to say why cause it will spoil it. Spoiler over
good contest, I love love stories sooo.... hmmm ok Airhead, SPOILER Emerson and Christopher. their love story is unique, I don't want to say why cause it will spoil it. Spoiler over
(sorry this is my account!)
Ahhh well, there are so many to choose from but I'm obvoiusly going to have to go with...Edward and Bella from Twilight!
Email: strawberryxfruit@gmail.com
Ahhh well, there are so many to choose from but I'm obvoiusly going to have to go with...Edward and Bella from Twilight!You'd never think that a human and vamipire could possibly be together but they end up going against all odds.
Email: strawberryxfruit@gmail.com
I really loved the book This Lullaby, the "secret lovers" are Remy and Dexter.

Remy has had so many boyfriends over the years and after the romantic rush of the relationship she usually breaks up with the boy. Well one day she meets Dexter who is a clumsy and always moving kind of guy, he's also a musician. No musicians for Remy, because her father was one and wrote a song for her call "This Lullaby" (how appropriate), he passed shortly after. The whole story is about how Remy falls in love with Dexter, but doesn't know it until they break up and she feels lonely and heartbroken, a feeling she has never experienced.

This love story is a really good book. I guess they aren't really secret lovers but I think they qualify because Remy keeps her feelings for Dexter a "secret" to herself until she loses him. I'm so not going to spill the ending but consider reading it!

<3 Alex...email- AlexAxel23@msn.com
I'm going to have to agree with Miss Paperxxflowers on this one. I absolutely love the love/hate relationship between Miss Bennett and Mr. Darcy. The whole time you just want them to be together, it just about kills you, and then finally! It gives me goosebumps everytime.... Another one, more frequent secret love, and it would be so very cool if this was true. But from the movie Becoming Jane, Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy, they had everything going against them. what a bittersweet love story! If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should watch it! But those would be my favorites.

Awesome contest! And Hourglass! You have a title for the third, how very exciting!!! I can't wait!


My favorite "secret love" is Gemma and Kartik in Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty trilogy. They can't have a relationship because Gemma is of "high society" in Victorian England and attends a prestigious all-girls boarding school, while Kartik is Indian and sent by a secret order to guard her from her visions of hidden realms.
I chose them because Gemma is so independent and stubborn. Even when she's unsure of herself, she doesn't just run to Kartik for comfort. Kartik is so devoted to Gemma even though the English look down on him, and he would do anything for her.

~Melissa N. pepsivanilla14@hotmail.com
Well, in my life (that sounded deep...not to mention a nice Beatles reference), I have read many young adult novels. I seriously have a whole closet full of them. I call it The Library. However, if I had to pick one novel out of all of those books, I'd have to choose Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.
Although all are awesome (and are equally read multiple times), something about this book sticks out to me. The two main characters, Annabel and Owen, made me laugh and even tear up a little. Although complete strangers at first, they have this special bond that brings them together through talking about music. The way they support each other amazes me. Amidst all the confusion and family problems, they find sole happiness in the music they discuss. They disagree and fight but at the end of the day, they still love each other.
When I finished this novel, all I could do was smile. The reason why I still enjoy it so much is because it shows how love can be in the simplest places, such as music. You never know when or where it will appear. All you can really do is just listen. :]

- Claire (squiggles3408@aim.com)
I definitely have to agree with a previous comment about my favorite forbidden romance. I can't help it; Shakespeare is simply amazing. And so is Romeo (omg, in this one movie, I swear, he looks exactly like Zac Efron). Anywho, back on topic. I think it is just extremely romantic that Romeo and Juliet could fall in love at first sight; that in itself is incredible. And the fact that they go against all odds, especially the rivalry between their families, makes it even more romantic (I can't find a better synonym for romantic). Romeo and Juliet is such a beautiful love story, and it's definitely unforgettable. And the tragic ending is romantic too, because they kill themselves thinking that the other is dead. *sighs* It's just such a lovely story...