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The winner of Evernight Contest #6, plus character interview announcement

Sorry to be posting so late, but I spent my day in the studio filming an interview that will eventually appear on the HarperTeen website. Very exciting, except for the part where I worried about my hair quite a lot. (When it goes live, I'll let you guys know. Unless I think my hair looks dorky. Then you're on your own.)

Upon getting home, though, I promptly put all the names together, chose one at random, and the winner is -- Cristina! She gets a $100 gift certificate and the right to name a character in the fourth book of the Evernight series. Congrats to Cristina, and thanks to absolutely everyone who entered.

Now, today's big announcement:

Character interviews are about to begin!

What do I mean by that? You send in questions for Bianca, and she will answer. Although you're interviewing Bianca right after Evernight, when she has no idea what will happen in future books, feel free to ask her absolutely anything. I don't promise that she will answer every question asked, but we'll post a good interview with her here and on the website August 1. So, anytime between now and August 1, drop your questions here or by email at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

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