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First of all, this entry was meant to go up yesterday. But the pulled muscles from the snowy hike meant I was sort of laid-up on Monday, trying to learn how to move again; Tuesday was all about catching up from Monday. But at last, here we are, with two big announcements:

EVERNIGHT is now out in paperback! If you read it at the library and want your own copy, or have been urging a friend to read it, then this is the moment to make your move.

Second, it's time to begin the first STARGAZER contest!

The rules, as suggested by some of you:

Tell me about how any vampire from another vampire series might end up at Evernight Academy.

Do you think Edward Cullen might have dropped by in the 1950s? Or maybe Claudia from INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE attended the elementary-school version? "Older" vampires aren't ruled out, either: I'd love to know what subjects Barnabas Collins or Bill from "True Blood" might teach if they came on-staff.

Let your imaginations run wild! Answers can be one line or an essay. (If you get inspired for fanfic, I think that's awesome, but I don't think I can accept fic as your entry.) Enter by commenting on this entry or at the CG MySpace, or by e-mailing me via my website.

The prize: To celebrate the release of the paperback, I'm giving away autographed copies of EVERNIGHT in softcover (or, if you prefer, the Spanish or Catalan version of MEDIANOCHE), as well as a copy of the first volume of L.J. Smith's THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. (Is everybody else as psyched for that series as I am?) You get double the vampire romance! I will choose four winners at random.

Eligible to enter: Everyone. I'll ship anywhere. Residents of Nepal, research scientists on Antactica, this is the time to make your move.

Deadline: I'll pick the winners in the morning (New York time) of Feb. 17.

(If for some reason this doesn't catch your fancy, hang tight -- we'll be having a contest a week until STARGAZER debuts.)

Spread the word! I look forward to seeing the responses.

Finally, don't miss the fun review from Readergirl!
I think Mick St. John and Josef from Moonlight series could have been good teachers in Evernight. Mick should teach some class like "Vampire & Morals" and about Josef, I don´t know... yet. :)
Well, this is my entry to the contest:

Eric Norhtman (from the "Sokie Stackhouse Series" or "True Blood") as a teacher. He could teach Marketing...we know how well he does with business! Mmmm...or he could be Bianca's mum assistant, teaching History...mmm...yummy!

I wouldn't miss one of his classes for anything! lol
Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series should absolutely teach a class in modern weaponry!
i totally second this!
How about if Angel, from Buffy, comes as a teacher in an "how to interract with mortals" class. I haven't read the book yet but it is in my TBR pile so this is really just a fun, silly idea.
claudia you rock!!! :D
Marius from The Vampire Chronicles and who else could teach both Art History as well as Art itself to young students but the vampire artist himself :)
Jack Fleming from PN Elrod's the Vampire Files would teach journalism/be advisor for the school paper. He'd be there to learn how to use computers, but secretly still does most of his writing on his old remington typewriter.
Here's a tale of when Twilight meets Evernight:
One moonlit night, the Cullens decide to play hide and go seek: extreme edition. Renesmee, of course, decides to run as fast and far as possible (besides, she had inherited her father's superspeed). She ends up in the forest near Evernight Academy, where Balthazar is on the lookout for any wandering vampire hunters. They start to make conversation and *poof* instant connection. Renesmee can be herself-her vampire self-without being self conscious about it. It was then that she decided to enroll into Evernight Academy as a student.
The End. :D
The first vampires that popped into my head were the Volturi from the Twilight series... I could totally see a bunch of the Volturi guards being sent to Evernight to check things out, maybe try and get some of the vampires there to join the Volturi. It'd be quite interesting seeing Jane at Evernight and everyone being terrified of her because of her power.

For some reason I could see Spike from Buffy there too haha, I can just picture him getting a job as a teacher there but ending up breaking rules and getting into fights with everyone and eventually getting fired or leaving. :]
Mina Hamilton from Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe). She needs to move from where she used to live, so she enrolls into Evernight Academy with her boyfriend. I don't believe she would really 'fit in' much, but she has a really funny voice.
I believe that Mimi Force (from Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz) visited Evernight Academy in her last cycle. She would have been attracted to the high society and all those gorgeous vampires. Mimi is all about being the best so she would have loved to be the most popular in the Academy.
I can totally see Alucard from the manga/anime "Hellsing" at Evernight... he'd be the coolest and at the same time scariest teacher of them all. Girls would swoon over him and boys would strive to be like him. He'd have respect from every single pupil and even the other teachers.

And while he would make his students to appreciate being a vampire, he'd also tell them to remember how sad it could actually be, being able to live forever.
Erik, (from house of night series) starts to get lonely after leaving house of night he wanders from place to place until he finds evernight & stays there, falling in love with Patrice. ;D
I think Con (Constantine) from Robin McKinley's sunshine would be a good addition to Evernight...he doesn't have the typical vampire "good looks." I could see him as a teacher probably something along the lines of "how to maintain your underground lair." Also he could teach a class about restraint or "how NOT to eat a bleeding human chained to the wall next to you."

Rebekah Purdy
Angel (from BtvS Season 1, when DB still could have passed for a mature HS senior in the right light) is wandering around Boston, being his normal bummer self, when he notices that the 60s have happened. It freaks him out, man. Retreating to the countryside, he runs into one of the teachers from Evernight when he stops the teacher from taking out a local, and the teacher (let's call him Mr. Pibbs) directs Angel to Evernight, where he gets filled in on the War in Vietnam and how to fake a bong hit.

(I already have the book, but that was fun!)