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At long last! The results of STARGAZER contest #1 and the start of STARGAZER contest #2!

I sincerely apologize for the long delays, guys. As I've said before, I still have a day job, and this week, a couple of people were out on vacation -- and then illness took out someone else -- so those of us who remained have been extraordinarily busy. But! I can at last announce the big winners of STARGAZER contest #1!

Although people were eligible if they entered via MySpace, e-mail or LJ, it just so happened that random chance favored LJ this go-around. The lucky four people receiving copies of the first volume of L.J. Smith's VAMPIRE DIARIES and autographed paperbacks of EVERNIGHT are:

* punkguitarist18

* rebekahg22

* alexandra86

* musicalmolls

Congrats to everyone! Please e-mail me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com with the correct address where I can send your books.

Now, the announcement of STARGAZER contest #2!

This one is easy: Friend me on Facebook -- and maybe be one of three people who gets the advance copy of STARGAZER!

I can't figure out how to link a Facebook profile exactly -- it's probably much easier than it seems -- but I'm Claudia Gray in New York, NY, and my profile pic is the same as my icon on this post. If you aren't on Facebook, you can join just for this! If you are one of the hardy souls who has already friended me (despite my earlier inactivity on that site), it's okay: You're considered automatically entered.

If you want to enter more than once, you can start or join an Evernight-related community. (How do you let me know about it? Suggest to me that I join! I will be following my FB page closely this week.) "Bianca's Astronomy Club," "I Bet I Can Find 10,000 People Who Love Lucas Ross," whatever -- if you join one, you get an extra entry in the contest. Join/found them all, and you get tons of entries in the contest. I'm interested to see what you'll come up with!

About the ARCs: I haven't been able to send them out to bloggers yet. Basically, I still only have these three. I fully expect to get my copies within a couple of days (but that's been the case for months now, so, who knows), and so I hope, hope, hope to get them to those great bloggers out there who want them. But I still only have three, so this is how I'm sending them out into the world. (To give you an idea, after I do this, I won't have a copy.)

If you just have zero interest in joining Facebook, that's fine. More contests are coming, with more fun prizes, starting next week. (And if there are online networking sites I should know more about besides MySpace and Facebook, let me know in comments! We might get a friending frenzy over there for one of the other contests.)

Ready, set, go! And congrats to the winners so far. :)

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