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Well, I've been saying for months that I'm behind, that things are crazy, that I'm way behind on the reader e-mail: At last I can reveal why, and what I've been working on, now that we've reached this very happy result. This is what my super-duper agent, Diana Fox, will be sending in to Publishers Weekly today --

YOUNG ADULT: EVERNIGHT author Claudia Gray's SPELLCASTER, the first in a three-book series in which a well-meaning young witch finds she must call upon darker powers to defeat a dangerous enchantress and break the curse on the man she loves; and BALTHAZAR, a continuation of the EVERNIGHT series that delves into the complicated past of the title vampire; to Zareen Jaffrey at HarperCollins, in a significant deal.

I am very excited about the SPELLCASTER series -- and I think you guys will love Ivy and Mateo -- but I imagine right now most of you are more hyped about BALTHAZAR. Well, join the club. :) He has always had so much story to tell that he almost didn't fit within the EVERNIGHT series, and now he's going to get a book of his own. Although it will be set after the conclusion of AFTERLIFE, and involve many other characters you already know from the EVERNIGHT series, BALTHAZAR will have a lot of flashes to the bad ol' days and be an independent book about his own journey from the boy he was to the vampire he's become.

No idea at this point about release dates, etc., but I will keep you posted, of course.

And now that I have less to take care of -- and, um, no more excuses -- time to get cracking once more on AFTERLIFE (and all that reader e-mail).

(I just finished Stargazer this morning and am ready for books 3, 4, and Balthazar, oh yes!)
Congrats! It's very well deserved. I'll be excitedly waiting for both Spellcaster and Balthazar. He's a really great character.


This is a perfectly wonderful way to start the morning ...

p.s. Looking forward to Spellcaster, too! =D
(Deleted comment)
Too wicked!!! Congratulations!!!
yay, congratulations!
Wonderful news! I'm so excited for you!
Hip, hip, hooray!
OMG! I think I just had a seizure!! BALTHAZAR!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! I can't wait!!!! I think you should move that to the top of your list of things to do. LOL!! I've still got tears in my eyes from reading that!! OMG! Thank you for being the most amazing person ever! I have a funny story that accompanies this. The other day I was going to the student union to wait until my class started, and there's this table that they always put free textbooks and stuff on. Stuff that no one wants. Anyway, there was a box there that said "Free Fish" and there was a little cup with a Betta in it, like one that you'd get at Walmart. So I took the little guy, and I named him Balthazar Lucas. Unfortunately, however, he passed away four days after I found him. I think he was neglected by his previous owners. :( But he will be forever in my heart. Also, I am considering getting another one and calling him King Balthazar II, because I already have one named Prince Rilian (from the Narnia series). I got Rilian after my previous one, Horatio (I should hope I don't need to explain the origin of that one) passed away. I love my animals :D!
That was way longer than I had intended, but when I'm excited, sometimes my fingers just type and won't shut up. :D
Yay, congrats! Glad this is finalized.
Woo-hoo! This is excellent news, both for you and for you lucky readers.

Woohoo! Congratulations!