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Can you believe the release of AFTERLIFE is only six weeks away? Me either! But it's past time we got some contests started. I have a few slightly different prizes this time, and I'm curious to see if they're prizes you'll enjoy. What are they?

Well, thanks to my web designer -- and custom doll enthusiast -- Tara, they are Evernight Academy dolls.

Check it out:









How fabulous are they, right? And each of them comes with multiple outfits, so you can have Black Cross Lucas:


Or Autumn Ball Patrice:


Or even wraithly Bianca:


But they ALL have Evernight Academy uniforms (even with the little crest! Isn't that awesome?), so that's guaranteed. They could wear regular Barbie-and-Ken clothes, should you wish to costume them to your heart's content at home.

I hope you guys think these are as great as I do. I'm going to give all four dolls away -- one doll a week -- via contests. Each week, you'll be asked to choose which of the dolls you'd like to win; I'll pick a winner at random, so there's no telling which dolls will go first and last.


1) Send an email to evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject header "EVERNIGHT Doll Contest #1 or similar."

2) In this email, give me the name and address I should use to tell me where to send your prize if you win (and yes, I'll ship anywhere).

3) Also in this email, tell me which of the four dolls you'd like, and include an interview question for that character. For instance, if you love the look of vampire hunter Raquel, you could ask, "Raquel, do you feel bad about what you did to Bianca in HOURGLASS, or do you stand by your decision?" Except not that one b/c I just gave it to you. (Also, feel free to enter once for each doll you'd like, up to four times, once for each doll; repeat entries beyond that are uncool.)

4) Do all this before Thursday, Feb. 10, when I'll pick the first winner.

Bonus: I'll answer several of the questions you send in for each of the characters during the subsequent week!

Good luck to everyone!
These are AMAZING! Are these going to be sold anywhere? Because they would sell well, I'm sure. They look like Tonner dolls that sell for hundreds. I'd love to have any of them, for sure. But no Balthazar? Why???
The dolls are One-of-a-Kind customs, not created by Mattel. I did use existing Barbie and Ken dolls as base dolls, however. Bianca is a Target Exclusive Dorothy Gale, rebodied onto a Jazz Baby pivotal body. Lucas is a Rebelde Diego rebodied onto a Fashionista Ken articulated body. Raquel is a Barbie Basics 1.5 Generation Girl rebodied onto a Jazz Baby pivotal body, and Patrice is a Target Exclusive Collection Red Mbili, rebodied onto a Jazz Diva body.

Edited at 2011-02-07 12:42 am (UTC)
I am in awe. Such beautiful artistry to make these look so wonderful.

Some Evernight for same merchandise would be awesome, though, wouldn't it?
Is this contest international??
All contests are international unless I explicitly mention otherwise. One doll is gone, but three more remain --
These are utterly beyond awesome. taraoshea is a genius.