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Bold new frontiers -- and brand new contest for Lauren Oliver's REQUIEM!

I very much hope you've checked out my website's new look in the past couple of days. Not only do I think it's SUPER SPIFFY, but that's also the only way (for now) you can check out the sneak preview of SPELLCASTER way before the March 5 release date!

If you have taken a look at the new home page, you've seen that my designer and I decided to tie together pretty much all of my social media: You can see my latest blog post, my latest news, what I've just Tweeted and the last few images I've posted to Pinterest and Tumblr. This has led to an unanticipated (though in retrospect inevitable) focus on James McAvoy on the home page ... but the point is that now the main area of the site is hopefully a place to catch up on pretty much everything I've got going on. It's not static; it changes almost hourly, and I like that a lot.

(Though for some reason, the Twitter can take a long time to update if and only if the last thing I tweeted is really embarrassing. Beautiful quotes about writing from Mario Vargas Llosa? Gone in a flash. Me horrified that I was accidentally flashing bra strap? UP ALL DAY. It's like it's blush-sensitive, or something.)

It's a newer frontier to me than it ought to be, really. I've been online since before the beginning, tweeting away, so on and so forth. And when you publish your first books, that's what you hear, over and over: "Get out there! Create a platform! Make yourself heard!" But the day to day of it -- you know, it's tricky. I never, ever wanted to be one of those people who refuses to tweet or blog anything except links where you can buy my book. This is not because I don't want you to buy my book, but because I think that always comes across as both pushy and kind of fake. So I've tried very hard to be myself online.

However, you guys aren't following me to hear more about my bra straps. (Or maybe you are. There could be a few of you out there. The internet is a strange place.) You guys want to hear more about the writing, about books I've read, and so on. Which means that I haven't just changed how I'm presenting the information I put out there -- I'm changing what I put out there.

All that said, some things will remain the same. Mr. McAvoy will continue to make a few tasteful appearances. I will keep on geeking out about "Hunger Games" and "Harry Potter" and the like. I will continue to do embarrassing things from time to time, and probably will continue to tweet about them before thinking better of it. And I will continue to have CONTESTS. Such as ...


Yes, it's an ARC of the much-anticipated conclusion to the DELIRIUM trilogy. It won't be in bookstores until March, but you could have your copy next week if you win. How do you enter?

1) Ask me a question either here at the blog or via Twitter about writing, about SPELLCASTER, anything authorial. (If you don't already follow me on Twitter, you can now do so via my home page at I want to put more of this info out there, but I want to answer the questions you guys are really interested in!

2) Do this before Tuesday, January 22, when I will pick a winner. The winner is the only person who gets the ARC of DELIRIUM; I hope to answer nearly all of your questions.

3) Yes, you can be from anywhere (I will ship internationally), but if you enter via the blog, be sure to include an email address where I can reach you if you win.

That's it, and good luck!

(More is coming soon -- for instance, my first forays into video blogging. Remember how I said I would still do embarrassing things?)
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